“Michael Valenti helped me tremendously with muscle spasm pain in my back. Though Rolfing has a reputation for being uncomfortable, Michael’s skilled and nuanced approach was not painful. Like a highly skilled hammer doesn’t need much force to sink a nail. Leverage and form are more important than force. You can tell when a body worker has many years of hands on skill at their fingertips. He does. In three quick treatments Michael unwound what felt like years of sit-in-a-chair-all-day glue from my back and shoulders. He also related some of this muscular mess in my back, to my arms and legs, which wasn’t clear to me until after he had treated me in these areas too. As a physician, I understand that mobility [partly] determines longevity. And Michael Valenti knows how to keep bodies moving [and living]. Admittedly intense, his work made the difference in my story. I wholeheartedly recommend his work to you so that you can start feeling better sooner than later!”

Your friend in medicine,

Jon Luchs, ND, LAc
Naturopathic Physician & Licensed Acupuncturist

I highly recommend Michael Valenti and his effective approach to Rolfing. [In 2012] My chiropractor recommended that I see Michael when my right shoulder was “frozen.” In a couple visits, Michael was able to relieve the pain and return my shoulder’s functioning to the point where I could work with a personal trainer again.

[Recently] I returned to Michael hoping to gain more functionality. He loosened up the shoulder, but pointed out that my whole body was actually involved in the issue. So I arranged for a five session Rolfing series, starting at the toes and moving to my head. As an older person, I have had many injuries, with their residual effects. “As you age, your old injuries come back to haunt you.” But after Rolfing, I, and my Pilates instructor, Britt were astounded that my right leg stance was permanently corrected. Weeks later it remains “fixed.” An incredible tight left hip flexor is no longer tight, my “weak” left ankle is no longer weak.

Michael is calm, professional, and non-intrusive.

Lisa Brenner